Monday, August 24, 2009

How to configure Rampart in Axis2?

1.Download Axis2 distribution and extract locally.

2.Download Rampart distribution and extract locally.

3.Copy all the jars from [RAMPART_HOME]\lib to [AXIS2_HOME]\lib

4.Copy rahas.mar and rampart.mar files from [RAMPART_HOME]\modules to [AXIS2_HOME]\repository\modules

5. Now - engage rampart/rahas modules globally or at the service level. To engage globally use axis2.xml - at the service level use services.xml of the corresponding service.
<module ref="rampart" />
<module ref="rahas" />


Roar Flaten

Thanks for 5. :D
was very helpful so i didn't have to engage rampart manually each time through axis admin!

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